On the State of "The State of The Meadowlands Economy"
Reginal Economic Development, Meadowlands USA Special Feature
By Rich Fritzky

Dennis Petrocelli, Senior Vice President of Matrix Worldwide Engineering said, "The northeast part of this country is a hotbed of growth and building opportunities. With the economy starting to rebound and budgets opening up—I see the outlook for the Meadowlands region to be very positive for sustained and continued growth."
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Engineers Scan Lady Liberty
Civil Engineering Magazine
By Sharon Boranyak

Civil Engineering Magazine
High-definition, 3-D, laser-scanning technology was used to survey the Statue of Liberty's interior conditions as part of an extensive life and safety upgrade project.
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A Safety Makeover for Lady Liberty
Point of Beginning
By Christine L. Grahl

Point of Beginning
Laser scanning provides valuable data in the $27.25 million renovation of the universal symbol of freedom.
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World Trade's rebuild bigger than the bids
NJ Biz
New Brunswick, NJ - May 16, 2011

Point of Beginning
"Working on the World Trade Center was interesting and unique…I think it helped our company's reputation," said senior vice president Dennis Petrocelli.
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Matrix New World Engineering
Building & Development,
Meadowlands USA Special Feature

Unlike most other firms throughout the region, Matrix New World, a East Hanover based full-service engineering firm, has not been impacted by two years of economic downturn.
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Brownfield Redevelopment is a Key Element in Building Strong Local Economies in NJ
Special Focus: Environmental Business
By Jayne Warne, PE, President

Matrix completed the various permit applications and obtained approvals for the project, including an NJDEP Flood Hazard Area Permit...
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